Jen. Irias - Honduras - Ecuador


               Presidente Cordova 1-77, Cuenca, Ecuador


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Mother Earth

2018 - 2019

Mother Earth collection composed by 12 art pieces elaborated with fluid acrylic, mica, recycled materials and epoxy resin.

All materials used as a representations of what can be found on an Island. Different elements in nature are portrayed in an abstract and graphic form in a vivid way to create consciousness of the beauty found in today's planet and how our actions can affect future generations. 

Jaszdosza, Hungary, Art Residency


Aggressor Series


This series was created as an art study for a commission proposal for the Roatan Aggressor live aboard boat.

The 6 pieces represents the vivid colors and complex natural forms seen underwater. 



My starting point is the sea, whenever I arrive on an island full of colors, textures, with unpredictable tides, shades of blue and vegetation, it is like waking up to a fleeting reality that is activated when we see the sea. Feelings of joy, peace, nostalgia, mystery and environmental awareness are the inspiration of my work. They reflect that moment of awakening, which eventually fades away from leaving that place and that is why there is a need to return and awaken those feelings again, as a continuous cycle to create. 

Situation or intermediate state between an old or past and a new one, which is reached after a change. It is the state in which I transition from a work based on aesthetics and technique of painting to a work with a very personal background. Where I intentionally connect my curiosity for nature, childhood experiences, the abstract and the geometric. Using various techniques that I have experienced recently, from the use of resins, marble, textures, sheets of gold, silver and copper.


The show that I present is not a specific series, it is a set of works that together tell a story of my personal journey as an artist through the years. A journey that ends from the experience when I changed my study from the city to an island where I reached a connection with a simpler island lifestyle and attached to nature. I experienced marine life, new forms, colors and overcome fears, which allowed me to transform my work.

Achieving a breakdown and fragmentation of different themes such as marine life, mosaics, flowers, landscapes and abstracts that describe me more deeply in my search for transitions of my personal and artistic curiosities.



Past Works